Who are you? And, why are you doing this?

this is the first flyer Flex designed

Stand up comedy at Flex!

Good questions. My name is Kaytlin Bailey, and I’m becoming a stand-up comedian. This blog is about my journey learning the craft, the pit falls, hard lessons, successes, stories, and thoughts of a young would-be-artist. I say “becoming” because I’m not really a stand-up comic yet. I don’t really know when one officially becomes a  real stand-up comic, but I do know that young comics get a lot of flak for calling themselves a comic…when they’re not.

In this country (it is actually different in other places in the world) we tend to identify ourselves with our profession. “What do you do?” Means “How do you make money?” and also “What is your purpose in this world?” For me, that’s a hard question.  I make my money, technically, babysitting. I used to be very identified/obsessed with my job, I worked as a community organizer, and worked 100 hours a week for very little money. My whole life was about my job. Now things are different.

I have been “doing comedy” for 2 years now, and I’ve been taking it seriously since January 2011. Right now,  I am sporadically paid to host, I run a room at Flex in downtown Raleigh for local comics, and I put about 3,000 miles on my car every month so that I can perform 4-6 nights a week.  In July, I am planning the big move to NYC….to you know, learn the craft, and get famous. I’m moving in with an incredibly supportive and talented friend of mine, Brandy Rowell. We are sharing a one room efficiency in the heart of Midtown  Manhattan, Lavern and Shirley style.

So I guess this blog is about my journey to become a stand-up comic.


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4 Responses to Who are you? And, why are you doing this?

  1. Eric Robertson says:

    Most awesome blog in the world!!!! Shayaaa.

  2. Brandy Rowell says:

    So am I Laverne or Shirley? I’m thinking Laverne. lol

  3. Rope says:

    I love these artciels. How many words can a wordsmith smith?

  4. Cathleen says:

    I’m so glad I found my solution olnnie.

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