Interview in a flower bed.

On Thursday I did a show at DSI in Carborro, NC hosted by the wonderful Michelle McClay and then ran over to do LMAO Thursday’s at Jack’s Sprat’s. Tyler Meznarich stole me after the show and shot an interview for his blog outside of a Karaoke bar.

Tyler was married to his vision of interviewing me in front of a brick wall, but at midnight on Thursday in Chapel Hill we couldn’t find a brick wall that didn’t also come with blaring music and drunk people. So we walked around for a bit and we did find one well lit brick wall but the only way for me to stand in front of it and still be in the light was to stand on top of an elevated flower bed. A flower bed with bugs and stuff in it. But Tyler couldn’t shoot me from 4 feet below me (bad angle ladies, trust me) so I crouched down until I was level with the camera.

After about 30 minutes Tyler said “Okay I think we have it”

I said “Cool, can you help me get up? I can’t feel my legs.”

Watch the interview here!

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