Moxie’s, Reality Television, and a Dog.

Saturday began my official road trip to NYC. I hosted two shows at Moxie’s Comedy Club in Statesville, NC. Chris Cope featured and Jim Holder headlined. I was impressed with both comics. Jim Holder was so clearly a professional I felt sort of guilty being on the same stage, especially after I mucked up his intro during the second show. He became my favorite person when he compared me to Janeane Garofalo! Despite Chris’s best efforts to be mean to me, he succumbed to my siren like charm…and finally admitted that he liked my condom jokes.

Jenny and the strange dog

Jenny and the strange dog...very much in my personal space

That night I crashed with Jenny at a house she was house/dog/cat sitting. Jenny force fed me reality television until I cried uncle while screaming obscenities at the television. Seriously America? Is this what we do now? When I went to sleep that night all the animals were somewhere else, but in the morning…we had company. Everyone say “Awww”

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