D.C. (well not really, but kinda)

Sunday I left NC and drove to Timonium, MD (about an hour outside of DC) to perform at Hightopps Backstage Grille. Brad Hudson runs a remarkable show in that bar he calls “Drink Till We’re Funny.” There were at least 75 people in the audience, none of whom seemed confused or upset when the MC started talking into a microphone (as is the case with so many bar rooms.) The audience was there to purposefully watch and support comedy, they were great. Ryan Conner headlined the show and did an amazing job.

Brad and his girl

Brad and his girl.

After the show I found out that the place I was staying that night fell through. So Brad and his lovely girlfriend were kind enough to host me for a night. They both went out of their way to make me feel comfortable, I even caught Brad tiptoeing to his own kitchen (past me on the couch) to get a pop-tart. Dude, you paid for that kitchen, get yo’self a pop tart!

The next night I met up with Jared Stern (who I met at Moxie’s

Hitting the road

Getting on the road...

a few weeks ago) and we drove out to Columbia MD to do some time in Dave Shofer’s room. Dave was hosting a contest and invited Jared and I to fill in some time in between the greener comics.

On the way back into D.C.Jared discovered that I’ve never seen the Muppets. He threatened to kick me out of the car, but I offered gas money as penance, so he graciously let me stay.

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