Tuesday I appeared in Philadelphia. The city best known for birthing our government and taking parking citations to a new level of absurdity. I did not have my car towed or ticketed on this trip, but they were watching, I could feel it.

My Aunt's super cute house in Philadelphia.

My Aunt's super cute house in Philadelphia.

I stayed with my Aunt DiDi and her 3 cats. I lived in Philadelphia for a few months leading up to the 2010 election so I knew some local comics. Paul Goodman runs a fun room at No Che in Old City Philadelphia. They must have had at least 30 comics, I was happy to get 4 minutes. I think I was the only girl comic, which meant, among other things, that I had everyone’s attention on stage.No Che

It was in a strange mood that night, instead of doing my usual networking dance I was mostly sullen and stand offish. I can’t pin point exactly what was wrong. But the reality of moving to NYC with no money, no plan, and no job lined up had started to sink in.

Wednesday morning I met with a writer, Caryn Hunt to talk about a documentary she’s working on about reproductive justice. She was incredibly supportive. Of course it’s easy to be optimistic about other people’s dreams. See I told you I was in a weird mood.

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