Times Square

Times Square, as seen by dreamers everywhere.

Thursday I moved into my new apartment in NYC! I’m living in a ground level one room efficiency on 55th between 1st and 2nd Avenue. My Aunt DeDe and I made my bed, unpacked my two suitcases, and managed to get everything that I brought into a closet I could barely fit myself into (technically a walk in closet right?) Brandy, and our other roommate Kayla the dog, welcomed me with hugs and tail wagging.

After dinner I started walking around, admiring all the store front windows, the architecture, and differentness of everything. Without meaning to I walked to Times Square. I’ve been here before, but when you want something badly enough things can take on a new significance. Standing in the middle of all those lights surrounded by a cascade of sounds, and smells, and energy I felt drunk. They don’t make a drug quite as grand as ambition mixed with raw naiveté.

That first night I wandered into Caroline’s Comedy Club, and after smiling at the guy in front of the theater door I walked in.  You really can open doors with just a smile, even in New York.  Judah Friedlander gave an excellent performance that highlighted his character and audience interaction skills. He’s a high energy improvisational performer.

Friday I spent the whole day drifting around the city in a pair of really amazing shoes, just looking up at stuff, and smiling at strangers.  I walked to Central Park, down the busy part of Broadway, into Chelsea, the Village, SoHo, all over. I needed a whole day to wander around and ogle at stuff. After 10 hours of walking I had blisters on my feet but I was blissfully happy.

I feel more than a little overwhelmed by all the people, opportunities, and how expensive everything is!  Before I dive into hustling stage time I need to find some source of income. I’m going to put in more than a few shifts barking, writing, performing, learning the territory and characters that inhabit it. But the stage time will be there when I’m ready.  I’m taking these first few days just to simmer in the simple glory of “I live in NY now.”

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5 Responses to NYC!!

  1. Andy Miller says:


    I’m glad to see you decided to go with the comedy, the world has enough lawyers.

    Following your dreams is always so much better.

    I’ll cook you a steak anytime.

    Take care,


  2. Parmelia says:

    To think, I was cnousfed a minute ago.

  3. Will says:

    There’s a terrific amount of knowledge in this atrcile!

  4. Bertha says:

    This makes eyvetrhing so completely painless.

  5. Irene says:

    Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brihgetned my day!

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