The Problem with Barkers

I love barking. I know, I’m a freak of nature. But standing on street corners talking to strangers about something I love is one of my favorite things. I used to run field campaigns inspiring and training other young activists to “own the street” reclaim public space, and inspire people to donate to causes right then and there. I was pretty good at my job. I know what works on both a theoretical and practical level. I know that people are like babies, if you smile and wave at them, they will smile back. Fact.

I also know that groups of anxious socially awkward young men with nothing to do (comics) standing around intermittently staring down strangers, talking about how terrible the show is, or interrupting someone who might have been interested in the show, doesn’t work. I don’t appreciate being set up for failure.

I believe that if you set high expectations people will jump to meet them, whereas they will trip over low ones. I also believe that expecting things to go well is an important step to making things go well. You set yourself, your team, your fellow performers up for failure if you have low expectations.

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