Raid Poison!

I’m not good at the day to day stuff. Dishes, remembering to pick up my laundry before I run out of socks, paperwork, math. I’m the person who leaves off their birthday on employment forms, even though the box is highlighted for me by an overenthusiastic HR rep. I have to be told to wash the dishes more thoroughly because my thoughts are elsewhere and I didn’t notice that the pot wasn’t “really clean.” My roommate tolerates my adolescent habits gracefully enough, but I know she doesn’t really understand how anyone could “not see that mess.”

Raid bottle

The culprit.

One day in college I saw we had summer ants crawling all over the counter.  I found some Raid and sprayed the whole area down, waited a few moments, and then wiped the dead ants away with a paper towel. Less than an hour later I took a slice of pizza out, put it on the counter, then got a plate.

It took about 5 minutes for me to feel the effects of the Raid. I spent the rest of the afternoon vomiting.

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